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Chittagong University Job Circular 2020

Chittagong University Job Circular 2020 BD application last date 16 November 2020. CU Policy Based Benefits and Chittagong University Policy Based basic salary scale. CU Policy Based can apply if have Experience will get advantages in sector of Lecturer areas. Placement is Chittagong and it is Permanent vacancy.

Chittagong University Job Circular 2020

Chittagong University Job Circular 2020 BD

  • Owner/ Institute: Chittagong University (CU)
  • Post of Jobs: Lecturer, Professor, Associate Professor, , , , Assistant Professor,
  • Available Posts: 17
  • Type of job work: Education & Teaching, , Government, University/ College,
  • Duty Category: Public University
  • Working Place: Chittagong
  • Academic Quality: Minimum Post Graduate in Selected Subject
  • Payment Status: Chittagong University Policy Based
  • Max Age: CU Policy Based
  • Experience in this sector: Experience will get advantages
  • Gender Permission: Both (Male & Female)

Responsibility Status:

  1. Mind the matter of office open time 8.00 to 3.30 pm Just follows this majority.
  2. Need the 500 taka bank draft For perfection.
  3. A major things is select Agran/Janata Bank It’s important fact.
  4. Of course mind that total 6 (six) copy application Ensure it.
  5. More objections that write position name in front of application Manage this things.
  6. One of more step that send bank draft to Register, Chittagong University Obey it.
  7. Extra Bonus: CU Policy Based Benefits

Also check, Chittagong Education Board SSC Result 2020.

Job Lelel Status: Permanent
Source of this circular: Newspaper / Website CU
Others Addition: Bangladesh Nationalist for CU Jobs
Application Last Date: 16 November 2020
Process of Apply: Send Application to Register- Chittagong University with selected chart from
Address of company: Chittagong University, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Institute Email
Organization Website:
Must fill up form download from

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Apply system of the Chittagong University Job Circular 2020 BD
Experience will get advantages is mandatory for all Both (Male & Female) candidates in Public University places. Send Application to Register- Chittagong University with selected chart from for Chittagong University Job Circular 2020 BD recruitment.

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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Shahid Afridi Six Breaks Traffic Light

The young Shahid Afridi was more devastating and punishing around 2 decades ago. He was the ultimate supreme danger man for all sides in the international cricket. He was the most feared one day batsman in Australia and New Zealand also. The ability to hit so long and high sixes was a natural and God given to Afridi. You can see the way he played that ball was really out of the ordinary. The bowler was fast and charging into him from over the wicket.

Shahid Afridi Six Breaks Traffic Light

The danger man Afridi was looking in dangerous mood. He had no intentions of playing this tall huge pace bowler with respect and defensive attitude. His clear thought was to smash him for a big hit straight away, and he succeeded very well.

Afridi saw the ball like a hawk, he saw it early, the bounce was a bit short and the ball was in the middle of his bat. He did a great effort to use his feet and got into a perfect position to play this shot high in the air. Only Afridi was known to deliver something like this. There was a good contact between bat and ball, the boom boom Afridi had hit another super six.

Shahid Afridi Six Breaks Traffic Light

Only this time, there was something special about this six, this one went so far away and high that it was out of the ground. The ball landed on the road. Soon after the ball hit the traffic lights on the road, it was discovered that they were broken and fallen down on the ground with this powerful striking of the ball. The match live telecasted on Gtv live.

Shahid Afridi Six

Afridi was a real destructive force and always will remain the No.1 six-hitter n the world. This traffic light breaking was not the only incident that happened with Afridi’s bat. He has done many adventures like these to thrill the world fans over the years. He is still not out of this game, who knows he may again surprise the world with his unpredictable batting, This will remain a question how Shahid will decide his career afterwards. But what he has done over the years was already not ordinary.

Thanks to Shahid and his 2 decade long extra ordinary batting, the game of cricket has changed tremendously. Now every young player want to smash the ball like Shahid Afridi. But the truth is, there was only one Afridi. He will always be an example for the young players.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

How to Make The Backyard The Style Center of Your Home

For many homeowners, the backyard is not at the forefront of their home-design plans. But procrastination can be an advantage when it comes to outdoor living. By the time many people consider the backyard, they have developed a strong sense of their own décor personality.
Most consumers’ design styles can be classified as traditionalist, bohemian, modern, eclectic, rustic or industrial, according to Belgard, a company dedicated to outdoor living design and elements for patio spaces and beyond.

Fortunately, there are backyard design plans to suit any taste, as well as any budget. Some design elements that might have particular appeal to different décor personalities include:
*For the traditionalist: Classic comfort. What is the primary purpose of a patio? A place for sitting and relaxing. Attractive, sturdy pavers in appealing patterns provide easy walking and an artistic base for conversation nooks of tables, chairs, planters, and picnic tables.
*For the bohemian: Fire pit. Fire pits are an easy way to promote cozy gathering for all ages. And everyone can appreciate freedom from bugs; wood fires can help hold mosquitoes at bay.
*For the modernist: Multiple levels. Homeowners seeking a modern look can consider a range of options for walkways and pavers that might include steps and slopes to wind through a terraced garden.

How to Make The Backyard The Style Center of Your Home

*For the eclectic: Water features. But not just for swimming. Homeowners can show off an eclectic backyard style with a fountain, fish pond, or other water feature that makes a splash.
*For the rustic: Eating out. Cooking outdoors can reach a new level, as advanced outdoor kitchen units allow guests to help with meal preparation or just chat with the host/chef while enjoying the outdoor setting.

*For the industrial: Unique lighting is a way to make a statement and set a mood in an outdoor setting. Some ways to get creative with light include not only hardscape lighting and illuminated planters, but short-term elements such as lighting fixtures that highlight cool metals and metallics for a more urban, industrial vibe.

Belgard, part of Oldcastle Architectural, was established in 1995 and remains a respected source of durable, classic, stylish outdoor-living products and a resource for design ideas to help homeowners take on backyard design with confidence.

Biotech Company Files Two More Patents for Proprietary Cancer Cure

It is the disease that cost more than 8 million people their lives in 2012 and sees 14 million diagnosed every year. It comes in many forms and there is no cure — yet. Part of the problem in finding a cure is that while scientists used to think they knew how cancer operated, it is only in the last decade that they have been able to better understand this insidious disease. Cancer is much more complex than originally thought. But one company thinks it may have a solution. Propanc Health Group Corporation (OTCB: PPCH) is focusing on developing treatments for cancer patients suffering from solid tumors such as pancreatic, ovarian, and colorectal cancers.

Up until recently, the company had four patent applications for its lead product, PRP, a proenzyme, anti-cancer compound which targets cancer stem cell eradication while sparing normal stem cells. Now the company has added two more to its portfolio.

Biotech Company Files Two More Patents for Proprietary Cancer Cure

“I have no doubt PRP represents a new therapeutic drug class with significant potential [because] when confirming PRP’s effectiveness across a broad range of cancers, we also confirmed a synergistic response between the two proenzymes to the majority of cancer cell lines tested,” says Dr. Julian Kenyon, Propane’s Chief Scientific Officer. “We also noticed that for some cancer types, multiple combinations of the two proenzymes proved to be effective.”

Propanc recently met with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to discuss formal pre-clinical and clinical development of PRP. In addition, the company said it intends to apply for orphan drug designation for pancreatic and ovarian cancers in the US and Europe in the near future.

With the advent of five new patents, this biotech company is catching the eye of investors. In March 2016, Propanc received more than $1 million from an institutional investor for the purpose of fast-tracking its pre-clinical activities, bringing its received total to approximately $3.6 million.
According to Global Analyst Reports, the combined world market for pancreatic, ovarian and colorectal cancers is expected to reach more than $12 billion by 2020.

The Top State for Robotics Innovation? Florida Will Surprise You

Lifelike animatronics, next-generation “surgeons” and mechanical warfighters — words that might create visions of a Sci-Fi blockbuster. However, these innovations in high-tech robotics are real and you need look no further than Florida to find them. The history between the state and robotics is a long one. Since the birth of IBM PC in Boca Raton in 1981, the “Second Machine Age” has been thriving in the Sunshine State.

Florida’s robotics revolution covers a lot of ground, including mobility assistance and research, but a common theme found in the state’s innovation reliance on technology that defies human capabilities, including in the life sciences. Seamless procedures on the spine, cancer cells and more have been enhanced by robotics at the Florida Hospital Global Robotics Institute and Mazor Robotics, both in Orlando. Similarly, Kissimmee-based Photon-X explores the science of photonics, such as fiber optics, in applications for robotics surgery.

The Top State for Robotics Innovation? Florida Will Surprise You

According to Photon-X President and CEO Blair Barbour, “Medical robotics is the next generation of surgery. The technology is perfected to eliminate human error from procedures, making it possible to enhance surgeries and surgeon capabilities with better hand-eye coordination. Tests have proven that patients also heal faster through robotic surgery.”

The Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC) in Pensacola takes a different approach to defying human capabilities. By pairing scientists and robots to develop systems using complicated human thought process and versatile machines, IHMC develops systems that save lives in situations where help is needed but the risk is too great for human response, including in nuclear meltdown sites and space exploration.

To develop the groundbreaking technology that Florida has become known for, the world’s most talented scientists are required, and the state has made it possible to attract and retain that talent. Says Julie Sheppard, general counsel of IHMC, “Being in Florida helps us with our recruitment. In addition to the exciting work, IHMC is able to hire top talent due to Florida’s weather, our affordable housing and all the access to waterways for recreational purposes. We are especially appealing to scientists from cities with a higher cost of living because we offer our employees a more attractive lifestyle.”

Homegrown talent is cultivated at colleges throughout the state, including the Tallahassee-based Center for Intelligent Systems, Control, and Robotics (CISCOR), a cooperative program between Florida A&M University and Florida State University. As one of the top schools in the country for development and implementation of robotics technology, CISCOR’s students focus on studying mechanical design and human-robot interaction, including mobility in complex environments.
In addition, the Army has collaborated with students to develop automated motion planning, terrain classification and design and modeling of four-legged robots.

Protecting Seniors Online from Scams, Hacks and Tax Fraud

The vast majority of seniors today are using the Internet at least once a week to check email, pay bills online and keep in touch via social media. But all that time online puts them at risk for scams and hacks, such as tax fraud. In fact, a new survey by Home Instead, Inc., franchisor of the Home Instead Senior Care network, found that 67 percent of surveyed older adults have been the victim of an online scam or hack.

Encouraging seniors to practice cyber security can go a long way toward protecting their identity and sensitive financial information. Home Instead collaborated with the National Cyber Security Alliance to create Protect Seniors Online, available at, a free resource that educates older adults about cybersecurity. Here, seniors can test their cybersecurity skills with the “Can You Spot an Online Scam?” quiz.

Protecting Seniors Online from Scams, Hacks and Tax Fraud

Older adults can take the following steps now to protect themselves online:
*Password protect and secure devices, accounts. Lock all devices (including computers, tablets and smartphones) with secure passwords in case devices are lost or stolen.
*Think before clicking. When faced with an urgent request — like emails asking for money — think before clicking or get a second opinion. Clicking on links is often how scammers get personal information. When in doubt, trash an unusual message.

*Share with care. More than half (51 percent) of seniors surveyed by Home Instead use social media to stay connected. Use care when sharing personal information, adjust privacy settings to limit who can see your information, and turn off location sharing.

*Use security software. Install anti-virus and anti-spyware software and program it to run regularly. And be wary of pop-up ads or emails, many of which contain malware that can infect computers.
*Log out. Log out of apps and websites when you are finished. Leaving apps and websites open on computer screens could make you vulnerable to security and privacy risks.

*Recommend support. Older adults who live alone may need help from a trusted source — such as a family member, tech-savvy friend or professional caregiver –to serve as a second set of eyes.

Companies Are Discovering That Pittsburgh Is Good for Business

Not long ago we only used cell phones to make calls or send cryptic, short-hand text messages. Now, we rely on our phones for storing our contacts and calendar appointments, watching videos, checking email, managing our connected devices and, of course, keeping up on social media. In fact, phones have become such a crucial part of our lives that many people sleep with them.

So when your phone becomes lost, stolen, or damaged, it can send the most unflappable of us into a panic. Which is why, most industry experts agree, it is worth considering cell phone insurance.
For those who may still be on the fence about cell phone insurance, consider this:

Companies Are Discovering That Pittsburgh Is Good for Business

1. Despite monthly premiums and deductibles, insurance can save owners money. The average retail price of a new smartphone is $590; even higher for a basic iPhone 7 ($649). More than 70 percent of phone claims are filed within the first year. This means that customers with phone insurance who file a claim at month 12 on an iPhone 7 can save $318 – $342 on a replacement phone after premiums and deductibles.

2. Most after-market “protection plans” are extended warranty plans which only cover accidental damage and malfunctions. Only a cell phone insurance and warranty bundle — available through most wireless carriers — covers loss, theft and damage. This is important because one in four phone claims last year were from loss or theft, according to the nation’s leading mobile insurance provider Asurion. Watch Gtv Live Cricket.

3. Most cell phone insurance programs through wireless carriers include cracked screen repair for smartphones with a lower deductible than what you would pay for a replacement device, and often lower than a consumer would pay to take it to a repair shop.

4. Shoppers now pay the full cost of their phones either up front or in monthly installments. Those who have a loss or theft before they’ve paid off the installments will still have to make the remaining payments. What’s more, without insurance you could be left with both the remaining installments and the payments for a new phone. With a 128 GB iPhone 7 Plus, at 6 months a customer could still owe nearly $700 on their old phone while trying to pay for a new one.

5. For the customer that can’t imagine being without their beloved cell phone, most carrier cell phone insurance programs provide a replacement device the next day. Replacement devices through the major wireless carriers are backed by a 1-year warranty providing shoppers with peace of mind should they have any mechanical or electrical issues.